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Renovelli PMMA

Acquafiller incorporated the lessons learned over these two decades and, using UMSS  technology, accurately obtained an ideal mean diameter of 40 μ (microns) for its microspheres.


Buy Renovelli PMMA Online

The first injectable implant containing polymethylmethacrylate microspheres (PMMA) was developed in Germany for more than 20 years. Continued studies and improvements have resulted in the third and current generation of Acquafiller implants. The first generation started in Germany in the 1990s proved to be effective, although it provoked some adverse reactions. Buy Renovelli PMMA Online

Most of these reactions were caused by nodules at the sites of injection, occasionally associated with the inflammatory response. Further investigation has led to the conclusion that there is a specific limit of the diameter of the PMMA microspheres, which is fundamental to avoid adverse reactions. Investigations and scientific literature published from these studies suggest that PMMA microspheres below 20 μ in diameter may trigger a foreign body reaction.

What is Renovelli PMMA?

Acquafiller incorporated the lessons learned over these two decades and, using UMSS * technology, accurately obtained an ideal mean diameter of 40 μ (microns) for its microspheres.

Polymethylmethacrylate microspheres with UMSS * technology and exact 40μ (micron) diameter



A 100% sterile, without any risk of contamination. Studies show that the Acquafiller PMMA does not cause inflammation or infection.

How does Renovelli PMMA work?

Acquafiller PMMA has microbiological studies, histological and biocompatibility. Our production is subjected to physical-chemical periodicals.

Does not require hospitalization, surgery or hospitalization or anesthesia.

Its application is quick and immediate results and permanent.

It is undoubtedly the best in cost / benefit

Where can i buy Renovelli PMMA?

PMMA has the effect of filling certain regions. The procedure is usually more used on the face, because the method allows to change the region of the cheek apples (malar and zygomatic region), chin, wrinkles and contour of the jaw, making it more delimited and accentuated. Some people report having it applied to buttocks and calves, but the application of large amounts is controversial because of the high potential for complication.

The PMMA application can also be used to correct facial lipoatrophy in patients with AIDS, that is, the fat loss that seropositive patients present that gives them a more aged appearance. In these cases, filling with PMMA is one of the possible techniques that help the patient regain an appearance more suited to their chronological age.


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