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Product nameArt InjectorCertification
categoryElectrical EquipmentIngredients
Keyworddermal filler , injector , meso therapy , vacuumUnit Size
Brand nameUnit Weigh
originSouth KoreaStock
Supply typeHS code

Product InformationCordless Docking Vacuum Injector

The best assistance for hyaluronic acid dermal,aqua filling

Simple and ergonomic design for comfortable grip of one-hand operation with light weight


– Vacuum suction function by docking gun

– Dedicated vacuum suction needle without leakage

– Easy to use with full color OLED display

– Strong power for any type of syringe

– Rechargeable battery powered

– Cradle for charge and mount


– Docking vacuum suction gun with main unit

– Vacuum maximum 30mmHg

– Dedicated vacuum suction needle without leakage

– Vacuum filter for prevention of impurities

– Supply power: internal LiPol rechargeable battery(including protection circuit)

– Battery life: over 2,000 dose injection with vacuumsuction after full charged

– Weight: 320g(including vacuum suction gun)

– Mode: dose injection, continuous injection

– Syringe: 1. 3. 5. 10mL

Dimension: 153x38x38mm(main unit)

170x70x48mm(vacuum suction gun)


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