Fillerina 12 HA Densifying Filler Grade 4


Fillerina 12 HA Densifying Filler Grade 4

Filler effect: 12 Hyaluronic Acids with different molecular weights for skin depressions, for the volume of cheekbones and lips.

Densifying Effect: 3 Collagens and 2 Elastins to support the skin firmness.


Fillerina 12 HA Densifying Filler Grade 4

As skin ages, the amount of Hyaluronic Acid gradually decreases, causing imperfections such as age wrinkles, expression lines, and a loss of volume (emptying and skin depressions), especially on cheekbones, cheeks, and lips. Fillerina 12Ha Densifying-Filler features a patented mix of 12 different Hyaluronic Acid molecules with varying molecular weights and sizes (Swiss Patent CH 705 713) that are especially effective at penetrating the layers of the skin (ex vivo tests with Franz Cells), thus allowing tissues to be filled in and plumped up. Fillerina 12 HA Densifying Filler Grade 4

Among the Hyaluronic Acids with filler effect contained in this formulation, the 3 new ones, having 20000, 80000, and 500000 Da molecular weights, showed a great penetration capability (ex vivo test). Fillerina 12Ha Densifying-Filler associates 3 Collagen molecules with different molecular weights (2000, 12 000 and 300000 Da) which, by penetrating up to the dermis (ex vivo test with Franz Cells), can promote an increase in the extracellular matrix density and improve the filling effect, in synergy with Hyaluronic Acid molecules.

The box contains:

How does Fillerina 12 HA Densifying Filler Grade 4 work?

The treatment must be carried out using the special Applicator, which makes it possible to draw up two separate 1 ml amounts of product (adding up to a total of 2 ml per application) and release it accurately into the desired areas. The gel filler should be left to work for 10 minutes in order to allow the active ingredients to “fill in” the application areas. Using the palm of the hand, pat gently the remaining product so it penetrates effectively.


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