Cytosial Deep Wrinkle (1×1.1ml)

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Cytosial Deep Wrinkle (1×1.1ml)

Cytosial Deep is designed for volume restoration and filling deep wrinkles. Cytosial Deep is ideal to reduce signs of ageing in facial areas with cutaneous depressions and wrinkles.


Cytosial Deep Wrinkle (1×1.1ml)

Cytosial Deep Wrinkles is a stabilized hyaluronic acid dermal filler designed to reduce signs of aging. The filler is ideal for restoring lost volume and filling of cutaneous depressions. This homogeneous HA filler must be injected into the deep skin layers for ideal results. Cytosial Deep Wrinkle (1×1.1ml)

What are the benefits of Cytosial Deep Wrinkles?

Cytosial Deep wrinkle is particularly good to correct and fill deep facial wrinkles, such as neocolonial folds and marionette lines.

Product Details:

1 x 1.1ml per pack


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