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Nc 24 Nano Concentrated Pro 50000 Skin Whitening Injection 6 Sessions is considered to be one of the best skin whitening injections available in the market today. It can also be considered as the most effective Skin whitening solution.


Buy NC24 NANO Online

NC24 Bio-Nano Concentrated Collagen Liquid

Collagen, makes up around 75% of our skin tissue, it is the main and the most important protein of our skin. It is the primary supporting structure and it forms a skin matrix and fibre-network, which improves skin elasticity, strength and suppleness.

It is specially formulated to be easily and readily penetrated into the sub dermal skin layers, therefore being absorbed and assimilated effectively by the skin to fortify the restoration and recovery skin by replenishing and increasing collagen regeneration.

In a short, it turns the skin into its former youth and beauty – healthy, firm, supple and wrinkle-free.

What is NC24 NANO?

Main Ingredients: Plant Extracted Collagen, Bio-nano Encapsulated Amino Acids, and Multi-glucosides. Containing a high moisturising factor of natural multi-glucosides to retain about 75% of skin moisture (a general collagen only produces around 31% skin moisturiser retention).

  •  Vitamin C: A stabilised Vitamin C with the nanosphere Lecithin encapsulated. It is effective in anti-oxidation, lightens skin pigments and balances the sebaceous secretion. With a mild anti-bacterial action, it also soothes skin acne.
  • Promoting collagen production.
  • Replenishing skin collagen
  •  Enhancing skin firmness and suppleness.
  • Reduces skin wrinkles.
  • Producing a more youthful and healthier appearance. Directions: Use every night before bed time, apply a suitable amount to clean, dry skin, with even, smooth strokes. Leave on the skin. Avoid contact with eyes.


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