Buy Hyaluronica 2 (2x1ml) Online


Hyaluronica 2 (2x1ml)


Buy Hyaluronica 2 (2x1ml) Online

The Hyaluronica range of products are an innovative range of injectable hyaluronic acid based gels, that meet all your personal needs and specific requirements. The formulas of the products are designed to contribute all visible signs of skin ageing and to keep your best skin appearance. Buy Hyaluronica 2 (2x1ml) Online

Each one of the products has different concentration of cross-linked hyaluronic acid (Mesolift contains non cross-linked hyaluronic acid) which allows the practitioners to provide tailored solution for each specific case.


  • Is a sterile, viscoelastic, perfectly clear, colorless and homogenized gel implant;
  • It is a long-lasting but not permanent dermal filler, which contains strongly reticulated hyaluronic acid;
  • Spreads slowly into the skin to achieve a smooth and natural look;
  • The concentration of Hyaluronica 2 is the same as Hyaluronica 1, but Hyaluronica 2 is two times more viscosity and so, the effect is really visible and natural;
  • It smoothes out facial wrinkles and folds and instantly restores skin volume;
  • Its properties make it easy to inject.

What is Hyaluronica 2 (2x1ml)?

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