Buy Belotero Lips Contour (1×0.6ml)

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Belotero Lips Contour (1×0.6ml)


Buy Belotero Lips Contour (1×0.6ml)

BELOTERO Lips Contour is an injectable and resorbable filler indicated to improve lip appearance, lip contours, peroral superficial wrinkles and moderate sagging labial corners. It is also indicated to correct atrophic scars on the face. Buy Belotero Lips Contour (1×0.6ml)

The presence of lidocaine helps reducing locally the pain associated with the injection of the gel and improve the patient’s comfort.

The gel is intended to be injected into the medium or superficial dermis and the mucous membrane by an authorised practitioner.

What is Belotero Lips Contour (1×0.6ml)?

This product is a sterile, transparent, colorless, apyrogenic and viscoelastic gel composed of cross-linked sodium hyaluronate of non-animal origin, in a physiological phosphate buffer. It also contains 0.3% of lidocaine hydrochloride

The gel is presented in a single-use pre-filled sterile glass syringe, sterilised by moist heat. Each box contains a notice, a syringe, two traceability labels and two sterile needles with a CE label for single use.

Treated areas

This product can be used on the:

Corners of the mouth
Contours of the lips
Perioral wrinkles

Product use

This procedure must be carried out by an authorised professional.

For an effective treatment, the professional in charge of your treatment, will have to perform light injections using fine needles, cannulas or a Hyaluron Pen in the superficial or the medium dermis.

Depending on the injection technique, the area to be treated and the condition of your skin, the professional will have to modulate the quantities used and the associated products to use in order to meet your expectations.

Belotero Lips Contour – Results

Thanks to its finely adjusted concentration and degree of cross-linking, this gel will give natural results in order to:

Rehydrate the dermis

Fill in peri-orbital fine wrinkles and sublimate the contours of the mouth
The effects are instantaneous and last on average 3-6 months. This treatment does not cause any social eviction.

Touch-ups may be necessary in order to enhance the results obtained. Maintenance sessions can also be set up (every 2-4 months) in order to maintain the desired effects.

It is important to note that some factors can significantly influence the duration of the results obtained:

Lifestyle (sport, sleep, smoking, etc.).
Environment (sun, pollution, etc.).
Intense heat (sauna, hammam, etc.).
Diet and hydration (drink at least 1.5L of water per day to maintain the complex of collagen, water and hyaluronic acid).

Composition – Belotero Lips Contour
Cross-linked sodium hyaluronate: 22.5 mg/ml
Lidocaine chlorhydrate: 3.0 mg/ml
Phosphate buffer pH 7 QSP: volume of gel contained in a syringe


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