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Aquamid (1x1ml)

A truly unique filler with instant long-lasting, durable results.

The effects of the injection are permanent, however, patients will observe volume loss after the first treatment. A recommended 3 treatments wills create optimum results.


Buy Aquamid (1x1ml) Online

Studies supported by histopathological observations have shown that Aquamid Reconstruction filler integrates over time within the soft tissues, through a combination of vessel in-growth and molecular water exchange. Buy Aquamid (1x1ml) Online

What is Aquamid (1x1ml)?

Aquamid Reconstruction is a non-absorbent, injectable transparent, hydrophilic soft tissue augmentation gel. It however contains about 2.5% crosslinked polyacrylamide and 97.5% of pyrogenic water. Also slightly viscous compared to Aquamid Moreover, it’s a biocompatible as well as a biologically non-degradable hydrogel. The hydrogel is stuffed in a sterile Luer Lock 1 ml syringe sealed with a cap. Intended for subcutaneous administration using a sterile 25/27G needle.


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